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A History of da Vinci Products
2K Color Enhancement System for SD HD and Data


Color Trace

Nucleas returns! Server to Server software enables 2K systems to work from data disks and storage networks.

Software to track color grades when the EDL is revised


Toolbox 2


Toolbox 2 has an improved interface and includes filter presets. It is even easier and faster to use, and comes free with a service agreement.

Elite logos are introduced for systems with Defocus, Toolbox and 4 Power Tiers (Emerald), 3 Power Tiers (Sapphire) or 2 Power Tiers (Ruby)

2004 Nucleas Conform Builds a data timeline from an EDL, renders dissolves and allows switching between Source and Record order. System was shown at NAB configured as Server to Server and Server to Video

At NAB I was demonstrating the Server to Video system. List switching is awesome! Too bad it is not available :-(
2003 Nucleas Server to Server software enables 2K systems to work from data disks and storage networks. HiPPI and HSDL interfaces. System includes data waveforms, CMS and data playback.

*Sadly discontinued :-(
2002 Colorist Toolbox Hardware upgrade for those that have outgrown the Defocus option. Adds 4 Power Vectors, each with its own matte Defocus, Power Windows, In/Out Master Secondaries, Filter Effects and Textures. The Filters include the equivalent of a Defocus Plus board.

Some subtle but effective operational improvements over the rest of the system. The Toolbox is a must have option that separates 2K from all other real time color correctors. I love it! :-)
2002 TLC Assistant External Linux terminal with keyboard and mouse for those that need permanent access to the editor. Single and Dual user modes.  
2002 2K Plus Redesigned Primaries, Secondaries and Keys make this more than just a 2K upgrade. Linux control interface is standard. Huge improvement over the original design, thanks to feedback and newer technologies. Must have upgrade :-)
2001 Gallery Integrated reference store, with optional Central Server and Palette paint program interface. Windows interface converts stills between resolutions and export them as jpg, tiff or bmp files. Standard on all 2K Plus systems.

Once you get used to session based still management you can't do with out it.
2000 Defocus In or Out Defocus or Sharpness effects (In and Out with Defocus Plus) plus Power Windows, In/Out color and matte defocus. Defocus is adjustable, but includes realtime Gaussian blur in HD.

So many things can be done with defocus you'll soon be needing the Toolbox as well :-)
1999 Power Tiers Add up to 8 channels, each with Power Windows, full Primary and Master Secondary control.

How many windows? More than you will ever need!
1998 2K Designed to work for SD, HD and Data and to have room for future upgrades. Base system has In/Out Primaries, Secondaries, New Power Windows and a new interface. Originally contrilled by an SGI 02, it must now be upgraded to Linux for the latest software updates. I have been using 2K systems since their inception in 1998. With all thats going on in software, it is unlikely that a better hardware system will ever be built. The main features of hardware over software are telecine control and everything always in real time.

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