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30 May, 2015
Colorist Articles
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Colors that fade

Beauty of ACES
Color Management
Hitting the Wall
Adopting Technology
Popular Looks

How to book a colorist
One Light to Final Grade
Layer It! - Color Layers
The Need for Speed
Software Color Systems
Bleach Bypass
Defocus Soft Skin

Toolbox Reflections

Toolbox Day for Night

Toolbox Film Effects
Color Restoration
What Is Color?

When to Color

Data or Video?
da Vinci 2K History
Colorist History


FilmMaster Notes Library
Desktop Wallpaper
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Colorist Technique



  • Colors that Fade:An exploration of visual metaphors and how the history of motion picture has affected audience perception.
  • Color Management class="style27">: A case study about color management, monitor calibration and feature film DI grading. "180" is a colorful film graded for film, DCP and video distribution using THX cineSpace tools.
180 CMS
  • Popular Looks: An overview of some common styles that are ever popular in feature films. This presentation was first given at IBC 2009 for Digital Vision in the Training Zone.
  • Bleach Bypass: also known as Skip Bleach, Bleach Reduction, ENR, ACE and Silver Tint. All result in a distinctive high contrast, harsh, faded look. This article describes ways of creating that look.
Colorist Knowledge
  • Hitting the Wall: Every colorist I have met is passionate about their job. But each of us needs a creative boost from time to time. This short article offers a few suggestions to enrich your style, and improve your technique.
The WallThe Wall



fdl 90
DI Papers
  • The Lifecycle of an Asset: Why it makes sense to treat content as a critical asset, and ensure that it’s safeguarded in the long term and available in the short. The value of an asset may commercial, cultural or simply sentimental. Producers of movies or television programmes will see the finished work as an asset to be sold to broadcasters and other outlets around the world. Tape libraries are being replaced by sophisticated media asset management systems.
  • The Beauty of ACES...: This paper explains the theory and practice of using Nucoda Film Master with the workflow developed by AMPAS.. Their aims are to improve and simplify post-production workflow, restore and preserve current motion picture assets and to create a standard that is ready for future technologies. I think they succeeded.
  • Adopting New Technology: This paper considers the adoption of new technology, with specific regard to the advancements made in software color enhancement. It follows on from my paper Software Color Correction below.

da Vinci papers

Soft Skin
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